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Filmmaking Overview

Turn your creative dreams and aspirations into reality.

Turn your dreams into reality as you immerse yourself in all aspects of filmmaking—directing, writing, cinematography, lighting, and editing. The filmmaking concentration gives you the hands-on skills to jump-start your career as you work in a collaborative environment. You’ll rotate through all the crew positions on the set, develop a professional quality demo reel, and develop the conceptual, technical, and creative foundation you need in today’s fast-paced film environment.

Next SFI Start Dates: March 20, 2023 & September 25, 2023

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See Yourself Succeed with a Filmmaking Concentration

Creativity, critical thinking and technical skills all come together in Seattle Film Institute’s Filmmaking concentration. You’ll emerge with the skills you need to enter an industry that’s both fast-paced and always changing:

Concentration Highlights

• Start work on your first project the first week of class
• Work in Film
• Work in HD /4k Digital with both large and small format cameras
• Learn Filmmaking by Making Films as you complete 10-15 projects
• Rotate Crew Positions
• Write a feature-length screenplay

Career-Focused and Professionally-Driven

• Develop a professional demo-reel
• Craft a work-related resume with a range of crew positions
• Benefit from SFI’s commitment to career services and coaching

Hands-on and Project-Based

• Collaborative Cohort Program
•  Faculty anchored by industry professionals

Learn More About Filmmaking Opportunities at SEATTLE FILM INSTITUTE!

Become Part of SFI to Further Your Career. Request More Info Below.

    Learn More About Filmmaking Opportunities at SEATTLE FILM INSTITUTE!

    Become Part of SFI to Further Your Career. Request More Info Below.

      Career Outlook

      In today’s digital world visual communication abilities are more important than ever before.  Screens are everywhere; your favorite movie theatre, your television, your computer, your phone, the kiosk built into the pump at your gas station.  Wherever the screen, whenever it’s displaying something well-written, well-lit, well-directed, and well edited, you can be sure of one thing; people were paid to create it.  Our filmmaking program gives you the skill-set to join this rapidly expanding field.  Here are just some of the occupations and careers available to you:

      • Film director
      • Film/video editor
      • Web content producer
      • Writer
      • Lighting technician, broadcasting/film/video
      • Location manager
      • Media researcher
      • Music producer
      • Runner, broadcasting/film/video
      • Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video
      • Television/film/video producer

      Overall employment in filmmaking related fields is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. The number of Internet-only platforms, such as streaming services, is likely to increase, along with the number of shows produced for these platforms.


      The Filmmaking concentration is a fully integrated, immersive experience.  Students learn by doing with a hands-on curriculum focused on the following fundamental elements:


      Students explore the full range of directorial responsibilities: working and communicating effectively with actors.  Designing your shots.  Translating your script to a shot list.  Managing and executing your shoot.

      Cinematography & Lighting

      How to shoot. How to light. How to use the equipment from a technical standpoint.  If you have an image in your head, we want to give you the capability of capturing that image on-screen.


      At the heart of every great movie is a great script.  Every student is mentored and guided through the completion a feature length script and also writes the scripts for the short films they are shooting throughout the course of the program.

      Editing and Post Production 

      Students develop mastery of the technical skills and an understanding of the conceptual principles of editing.  Good cuts.  Effective pacing.  Compelling visual storytelling.

      Film History & Film Analysis

      Students enhance their hands-on skills by analyzing how the most successful filmmakers from every era utilize the same skills and abilities they are developing.

      Professional Practices

      Students put together their demo reel and resume.  Clarify their long-term, intermediate-term, and short-term career goals; along with specific plans of action.  Prepare to make the transition from film student to working professional.