Episode 1:

In the launch of the Seattle Film Institute podcast, we talk with Monique Anair about the growth of the school and what lies in the future for academics and student filmmaking.

Episode 2:

Meet Al Di!

Al Di is a successful concert promoter, executive film producer, musician and actor. He has six movies out that he has 8 films under his belt in production and just released his first film which he acted in called Some of Our Stallions, starring alongside Carson Mell and Olivia Taylor Dudley. We talked with Al Di about his career, life and collaboration with the Seattle Film Institute, it made for a fascinating table talk. Meet THE upcoming Executive Producer, Actor and the “little darling of the Indie world.”

Episode 3:

A chat with Seattle based Functional Fitness Coach, documentary filmmaker and SFI Alumni,  Nic Nakis. Nic has a fascinating career navigating the worlds of functional fitness and documentary making. He has a unique story to tell and made a documentary called “Reach for the Rings” that is streaming on platforms now. Listen in as Nic gives some great tips on distribution and navigating the professional world after film school.

Episode 4

Listen to our #4 Episode with the Seattle Film Institute featuring Katharine O’Brien. Lost Transmissions writer/director and Columbia University alumni, Katharine has some very sound and professional advice for film students.

Episode 5

Acclaimed and celebrated Seattle based filmmaker SJ Chiro joins us for our #5 podcast. We talk about her prestigious and critically acclaimed success in Lane 1974, as well as her new film that has just been recently released called East of the Mountains.