Building Sign-in Forms

Read our Fall 2021 Statement Here

Before arriving to SFI we ask that you abide by all Washington state recommendations and mandates. Please always keep your mask on when in the building and refrain from entering any room unless invited. If you have any questions or concerns about entering the building please contact us at [email protected]

Daily Sign-In Instructions

  1. Sanitize hands upon entry.
  2. Replace your personal mask with a provided temporary mask. (Tip: Hold your breath as you transfer masks.)
  3. Read and fill out the sign-in sheet with your name and current recorded temperature.
  4. A sticker sheet will be found on the cart. Please write the date on the sticker. (Example: Monday 8/17/2020) and place it on a visible section of your shirt.

You are now free to head into the building!


Washington State Department of Health – Current Status in State
CDC – Facts about the Coronavirus
CDC – Coping with Stress During a Pandemic
SFI Film set Compliance officer Document