Audio Production & Sound Design

All SFI programs feature a hands-on education and practical experience that provide the groundwork for professional careers.


Master the World of Audio Production and Sound Design

In the Audio Production & Sound Design Concentration for the BA and MFA degree programs, you develop both the skills to effectively record on-location and in-studio sound as well as the technical expertise and aesthetic awareness needed to work as sound designers.  You’ll gain hands-on experience using professional software and graduate with the skill-set, experience, and professional portfolio necessary to launch successful careers.

Next SFI Start Dates: September 25, 2023

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Launch Your Career with a Versatile Skill-Set in Audio Production & Sound Design:

  • Music Production
  • On-Location Sound
  • Recording Devices and Audio Equipment
  • Production Audio Techniques
  • Field Recording and Mixing
  • ADR and Dialog Editing
  • Foley Recording
  • Backgrounds and Sound Effects
  • Studio Recording Techniques
  • Mixing Techniques

Career-Focused and Professionally-Driven

  • Develop a professional demo-reel
  • Craft a work-related resume with a range of crew positions
  • Benefit from SFI’s commitment to career services and coaching

Hands-on and Project-Based

  • Collaborative Cohort Program
  • Faculty anchored by industry professionals

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    Career Outlook

    The Audio Production and Sound Design Concentration prepares you for a wide variety of careers in your chosen field with the job outlook on a rapid rise of 8% (faster than average) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    • Recording Studio Manager
    • Sound Designer
    • Technical Sound Designer
    • Audio Technician
    • Instrument Tech
    • Sound Mixer
    • Radio Broadcast Engineer
    • Digital Audio Editor.
    • Record Producer.
    • Audio Designer
    • Sound Engineer
    • Audio Engineer
    • Audio Artist
    • Sound Artist

    Curriculum Overview

    The Audio Production and Sound Design curriculum provides students with the conceptual, creative, and technical skills.  Within the very specific area of sound for film and games our students develop the broadest possible skill set and build demo reels and portfolios demonstrating their ability to do professional quality work.

    Audio Production:  Hands-on focus on audio and music providing foundational knowledge and understanding of recording engineering and production skills.

    Sound Design:  The sound designer achieves a strategy for the overall sound of a film in the same way a director works with a production designer to achieve an strategy for the overall look of a film.

    On Location Sound:  A vital on-set function, capturing clean takes of the dialogue and attendant sounds while shooting.

    Post Production Sound:  Whether sweetening the raw sound files to improve their clarity and audio quality or doing the final mix of dialogue, sound effects, and music, post production sound plays a pivotal role in the completion of films and games.